Instant Ions  Model IONS100
Treats 100,000 Gallons
1 Pint Bottle of Instant Copper Alloy Ions.
New  Granular  Formula
Will provide a 4 to 8 year Ionization supply for spa treatment.  A copper test kit is required to test the copper level every 2 weeks to maintain a .3 ppm of copper in your spa.  You will need to add Instant Ions to your spa water as needed every 2 to 8 weeks.

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4.00 LBS
4.00 (in)
4.00 (in)
10.00 (in)
1 Year

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Instant IONS

john on 14th Aug 2014

When my bottle of liquid Instant Ions ran out I searched to reorder. Could not find the liquid version. Ordered the granular 3lb. bottle. Have treated with recommend dose twice and the copper test strips are not detecting any copper. $18 dollars for shipping is way to much